Trường Nghiên cứu Quốc tế Max Planck về Hóa học và Vật lý Vật liệu Lượng tử (IMPRS-CPQM) chuyên về dạy chương trình Tiến sĩ dành cho sinh viên bậc sau đại học. Trường IMPRS-CPQM liên kết với viện Technische Universität Dresden và Đại học St Andrews (Scotland) – cung cấp chương trình Tiến sĩ hàng đầu quốc tế trong lĩnh vực vật liệu hóa và vật lý.  

Miêu tả học bổng

  • Application Deadline: November 30, 2021
  • Course Level: Positions are available to undertake the PhD programme.
  • Study Subject: Positions are offered in the field of materials chemistry and physics.
  • Awards: Students in IMPRS-CPQM will be supported according to the norms of the country in which they are performing their research. While based in Germany they will be remunerated on the contract basis that applies to all PhD students working in Germany at Max Planck Institutes; if working in the UK they will receive the UK national stipend rate for science students. The tuition fees that are requested by UK universities will also be covered as part of the University of St Andrews’ contribution to IMPRS-CPQM.
  • Number of Scholarships: Not Known
  • Nationality: German and international students
  • Scholarship can be taken in Germany and the UK

Điều kiện Apply

  • Eligible Countries: German and international students can apply for these PhD positions.
  • Entrance Requirements:
    • IMPRS is looking for highly motivated PhD students who have a record of excellence in their previous studies. Most of their incoming students will have Masters or MPhys degrees as part of their entry qualification. Applications from candidates with excellent Bachelor degrees will also be considered for some projects involving St Andrews supervisors. If a student joins IMPRS-CPQM holding a Bachelor degree, they will do extra graduate courses to take them to the equivalent Masters level.
    • If students are interested in the projects offered by IMPRS-CPQM and would like to join us to work in a stimulating research environment, they are welcome to apply for admission into research school. Gender balance is an important issue for us, and we particularly welcome applications from female candidates.

Hướng dẫn Apply:

  • Application to IMPRS-CPQM should include:
  • A cover letter describing the motivation for applying to IMPRS-CPQM and a statement discussing the projects students are most interested in (please specify up to three projects, possibly including your priorities)
  • A CV with a complete description of your academic career
  • A transcript of courses taken and grades obtained
  • If possible a statement of where you were ranked in your graduating class or in any national or international competitions or exam
  • The names and full contact details of at least two referees.

Đơn Apply Online

  • English Language Requirements: In general, students don’t need to provide any language certificates to get admitted to IMPRS-CPQM. The one exception to this rule is that the University of St Andrews does require evidence of English language proficiency.

Đường Link học bổng Scholarship Link

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